The Hiss

It happened the moment before I struck thirty, the golden year.

I heard them as I said it. I heard them as they sank into the sea.

Snake tongue.


The overpowering energy that comes from the vibrations of a singing chorus. A song of sadness, of terror, peace, anger and acceptance.

Fire and water.

I scream.

I can’t scream loud enough.

Tears falling, smudging the pages. It’s silent, too high to be heard, screaming into the heavens.

Body shaking.

I hear them.

Torn from their children.

Ripped from life into service.

I can’t stop hearing them.

133. A number I wear around my neck. A house. Wanted so badly.

The number of hearts forced upon the sea. She accepts them cruelly, gently.

Taken by the slow rock of her waves.

The sound rings in my ears as the words go through my mouth.


Deafening. No air.

Published by J.E.Brennan

May this blog fill the minds and souls of any who so choose. May my growing enlightenment brighten and illuminate the souls of all, myself as a start. May strength, power, and knowledge guide my journey to a new world.

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