The Reading Of Judith Wozinski

I have a hard time going into the water. Something that has confused my parents who had both been lifeguards and swim instructors in their youth. Despite their greatest attempts, I failed to ever learn how to swim. I took my aquatic hesitance as a symbol of resistance, understanding myself as a rebel to theContinue reading “The Reading Of Judith Wozinski”

The Runner

She laid there, mangled, beautifully arrayed on the ground before him. Her hair was black, ink-like in its tone, and it swirled in a hurricane around her head. She was covered in the day’s makeup. It ran down the length of her face, melted away by the tears, sweat, and struggle that prefaced her death.Continue reading “The Runner”

Blood Moon

The alarm blared, denoting the time as 11:23pm, thirty-seven minutes before the start of the young woman’s shift.  Her sleepy dog stretched voraciously, unwilling to give up the comfy heater that was his owner. She scratched under his chin for a bit, giving him a kiss on the nose before swinging her legs over theContinue reading “Blood Moon”